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Tennis Mixed Double

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Q: Which of these sporting events was reintroduced at the 2012 Olympics since it was last played at the 1924 Olympics?
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What Hebrew song is played at sporting events often followed by the word charge?

Hebrew songs aren't played at sporting events.

What events were held at the first ancient Olympics?

Chariot racing, running, and discus were among the events played in the ancient olympics.

What is the fast paced Irish song played at sporting events?

Whiskey in the Jar

Which events played a part in the early Ancient Olympics?


What is the sporting area like in the modern Olympics?

A very big area but based on the sport it's played in

What is played every four years?

There are many events that are played every four years, such as the FIFA World Cup, The Summer Olympics, The Winter Olympics, The Rugby World Cup and many, many other events.

During Sporting Events that have different nations which National Anthem is played first?

I believe the visiting teams anthem is played first

A summer olympic event?

There are several events that are played in the summer Olympics. A few of the events are fencing, cricket, archery, and gymnastics.

What songs are played at sporting events?

Songs that are based on the sport event or songs that get you hyped depending on the sport you are playing.

What is sporting?

the answer for what is sporting is a sporting event or a sport being played.

What were the running events in the ancient olympics?

There was only on running event played in the Ancient Olympics, the short sprint from one side of the stadium to the other.

What sporting event was re-introduced from the 1924 Olympics to the 2012 olympics?

There were none of the 26 Sports not played in 2008 and there were 2 Softball and Baseball played in 2008 and not in 2012. You might mean an event , but definitely it was not a sport or even a discipline

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