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most of them do not do that but chris masters uh

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Q: Which of the WWE superstars do not use performance-enhancing drugs?
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Related questions

Do WWE superstars use drugs?

Jeff use drug's!

Does every WWE wrestler has to use steroids?

No, WWE superstars are not allowed to use drugs of any kind

What WWE superstars use steriods?

Chris beniot, Triple H, Batista

Can you use proteen drenks in WWE?

Superstars are allowed to use protein drinks in World Wrestling Entertainment.

What is drug is WWE?

WWE bans any use of drugs or steroids.

Do WWE superstars make there own finishers?

some do but others use normal moves

What is a wwe superstars phone number?

There is no fan number for the WWE.

Do WWE superstars use steriods?


How do you use your signature move in the game WWE superstars?

It depends on what system it is. You'll need to be more clear.

If everyone in WWE fight batman and he's not allowed to use any of his weapons or gadgets who would win?

The WWE superstars would beat up batman.

Do WWE superstars have Skype?

They most likely do but they would only use it for Family purposes for when they move from country to country.

What WWE superstars use tobacco?

R-Truth Smokes, Randy quit smoking, JR has never smoked

Is there a website where you can hear all of the WWE superstars' theme songs?

Yes, the WWE website. You can also use a website called Playlist if you know the names of the songs.

How do the WWE get the superstars names on the title belt?

they have one belt which superstars use in the entrances and stuff and you can see there are two screws on the name plate to take it on and off and when people win the tiitle they get there own belt which they can keep

Does Bret hart take steroids?

No, he could never use Steroids because every single one of the wwe superstars get checked by profesional doctor's. Only wwe superstar that has used steroids is Drew Mcintyre.

Why do WWE superstars wear underwear?

It is a technique they use to get more attraction. That and so their opponents cannot grab onto as much clothing.

Any cheats for WWE smackdown vs raw 2009?

type dxjohncena123 or use any name with 123 at the end MAXCAS for your superstars overall of 90

What the WWE superstars real name?

What? You're not making sense. Which specific superstar's name are you asking? A few of them use their real names, actually, but most pseudonyms.

Who uses steridiods in the WWE?

Answer:No-one. Chris Masters was found that he did use the, so he was suspended. The superstars go through regular random tests to make sure they are following the WWE Wellness Program.

Where can you find WWE Edge skull cap?

You can find it on under edge in the superstars subcategory.or you can use the link at the bottom it will send you straight to edge's page

Is testosterone used by athletes?

it is not guarenteed that all superstars use testosterone but at the time of his death chris benoit was under the influence of the drug gamma-hydroxybutate(also reffered to as the date rape drug), steroids and testosterone. Currently the WWE wellness program prohibits steroid and testosterone use but at one time, ten wwe superstars including but not limited to edward fatu(umaga), Darren matthews(william regal), Booker T, eugene, randy orton, the Hardys, and several others.

Who were the Wwe superstars that were suspended?

im not sure who all of them were but i know that Jeff Hardy was suspended for drug use. but hes said and promised all of his fans that he will not get suspended again. and i believe it i am like 1 of his #1 fans.

Who has the biggest muscles in the WWE?

I proberly say Batista closely by John Cena both who even before thinking of starting Wrestling was doing pro Weight lifting so they don't use drugs to get muscles!! WWE has drug testing every show, every match so they can't even think of using drugs!! But Wrestlers have used drugs before and have got kicked out with out Qustion

Do wrestling superstars use steroids?

Mostly no

Do all wrestlers take steroids?

WWE has a drug wellness policy. So if a wrestler who works for this promotion is suspended or fired from the company until they are "clean". In the past, Wrestling federations allowed this substance to be used but ever since the death of Eddie Guerrero and the Chris Benoit incident, they have banned Steroids from the WWE. Superstars such as Chris Masters has been fined for this use. Some wrestling promotions do not test their wrestlers so most likely they take steroids but not all take this drug because they do not need it or just simply don't want to use drugs.