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Q: Which numbers can't you finish a darts game with?
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What does madhouse in a game of darts mean?

It Means that you are going for a double one to finish the game. It is considered to be the worst finish to a game.

In the game darat is tharting with 301 what is the minimum number of darts needed to finish?

6 darts minimum

How long does it take to finish a game of darts?

Depends on how many beers you have had.

In which sport might you be requied to finish with a double?

Darts. Most rules of darts require a player to finish with a double; others where you might finish with a double include some billiards and drinking games.

In the game of darts why is the word 'shanghai' associated with a single treble double finish?

Shanghai has to do with a nautical slang term that means to render someone insensible. Achieving a Shanghai in a game, or single, double, and treble finish, effectively throws others out of the game.

How do you get 10000 xp in spongebob's big adventure?

you can't finish it. its a shenanigans game. you cant finish the jellyfishing game, your XPs stop adding up.

Is darts a sport or a game?

darts is a sport

What is the standard in a game of darts?

A standard game of darts is 501 (double out) the length of matches is determined by what you are playing in.

Why does a game of darts only have 3 darts?

Because its like baseball three strikes your out.Exept you throw darts.

How do you skip levels on roatate and roll?

No because they want you to finish the game i cant get past 37 and i really want to skip it but you cant

Where can you get a manaphy in Pokemon pearl?

you cant... but if you have the original Pokemon ranger you can finish the game get the hidden ranger net mission, you have to finish that mission and then you get the manaphy egg, you later transfer it to your game and there you go.

What game do you double in and double out?