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Alot of goalies use #1.

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2010-06-24 11:45:12
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Q: Which nhl players wear number 1?
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What players wear the number 77 in pro football?


What player in the NHL wore number 1 other than a goalie?

The website below gives you plenty of players who wore the #1 in the NHL. Click on the related link.

What famous NBA players wear number 1?

Allen iverson

Soccer players who wear 0?

None The Lowest Legal Number is No.1 Outfielders Can Also Wear The No.1 Shirt

What percentage of minor hockey players play in the NHL?

1 of 5,000 players will make it more than 5 years at the NHL level.

What baseball players wear number 1?

I only know of one: Lou Whitaker

Which current nba players wear number 1?

Nick Young - Washington Wizards

How many novice kids became NHL players?

Only 1% of the kids who play hockey will ever play in the NHL.

When did NHL rule players have to wear helmets?

In August 1979, then president of the National Hockey League (NHL), John Ziegler, announced that protective helmets would become mandatory in the NHL. "The introduction of the helmet rule will be an additional safety factor," he said. The only exception to the rule are players -- after signing a waiver form -- who signed pro contracts prior to 1 June 1979.

What Alabama football players wore jersey number 1?

The last person to wear No.1 was Ramzee Robinson. He graduated in '06.

What other number besides 1 can you get in football?

Depending on their position, players in the NFL can wear numbers ranging from 1 to 99. The NFL no longer allows 0 or 00 to be used by players.

How many NBA player wear number 1?

There have been 141 players from the NBA and ABA who have worn jersey number 1. Some current players wearing number 1 are Trevor Ariza, Chauncey Billups, Baron Davis, Derrick Rose, and Amare Stoudemire.

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