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Some places just want to keep the authenticty of their stadium,Like Lambeau Field.

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Q: Which nfl teams don't have retractable roof stadiums?
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What NFL teams have retractable roof stadiums?

I believe only houston and Arizona have truly retractable roofs

How many mlb stadiums have a retractable roof?


What is the percent of NFL stadiums are domed or retractable roof?


Was Texas stadium supposed to be a rectractable dome?

No! They didn't have retractable roof stadiums in the 70s.

Does the Pepsi Center have a retractable roof?

No, it does not have a retractable roof.

In NFL cities with retractable roof stadiums who makes the determination weather the roof will be open or closed for NFL games?

The weather, if the weather is bad they will close it like snow and heavy rain and thunder/lightning

Do some football stadiums have retractable roofs for when it rains?

Yep, some stadium have the roof for when its rain but some stadium doesn't roof so sometimes they post the game and the other they still play on the rain.

Does cowboy stadium have retractable roof?

Yes The new stadium does have a retractable roof, but the old stadium did not.

Is the Arizona Cardinals stadium retractable?

Yes. The roof is retractable.

Does the Louisiana Super dome have a retractable roof?

No it is a full dome but I do believe there new stadium will have a retractable roof

Is Cowboys Stadium covered?

It has a retractable roof.

Does the Seattle superdome roof close?

The Kingdome (which no longer exists) had a fixed roof. It was replaced by two stadiums, one for the Seahawks and Sounders (this is CenturyLink Field) and the other for the Mariners (this is Safeco Field). CenturyLink has roofs over the grandstands but none over the field. Safeco Field has a retractable roof.

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