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No. They are far too expensive, and many teams don't own their own stadium. They do, however, often own a training ground in a more private area of their town.

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Q: Do pro soccer teams have more than 1 stadium?
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Is this soccer only for boys?

Soccer is not only for boys. They have all-boy teams, co-ed teams, and all-girl teams. You can easily find non-co-ed teams, so that proves soccer isn't just a boy's sport. I personally don't like soccer,But I know much more about it than the average soccer player.

How many people play football?

US Football : over 18,000 people have played in the NFL to date, and there are more than 630 collegiate teams. There are more than 14,000 high school teams. Soccer : over 250 million people play soccer worldwide, in more than 200 countries.

What American professional sport has the most teams?

Soccer has more than 200 teams. The NFL has 32, Baseball has 30.

How many national soccer teams are there in 2010?

There are approximately 200 national teams (and this year just a few more than that were listed).

What is the most populer sports?

Soccer obviously man. More than 200 countries have their teams.

Why are men better than women in soccer?

Not all men are better than women in soccer. But for most teams that is true. That is true because men are faster and more aggresive.

How do you win a soccer match?

you score more times in the other teams net than the opposing team

How do you win on soccer games?

To win a soccer game, a team must score more goals, by getting the ball in the opposing teams net, than the other team.

What is the world's largest football stadium?

Azteca stadium, MexicoThe Salt Lake "soccer" stadium in Kolkata, India (Calcutta) seats 120,000 people. The largest "American football" stadium is smaller than that.

What is the most famous soccer field in the US?

For quite sometime the American people did not embrace soccer as much as they loved their football, basketball and baseball. The American fans couldn't get use to "no hands on" in the sport of soccer. Consequently, it was difficult to get the interest of the American people and those playing in soccer teams played on football fields (not really large enough or tough enough grass) to play on properly. Keeping up a soccer field is far greater work than keeping up a football field. The turf is different and a great area is needed for the soccer teams to run around. The move to "soccer-specific" stadiums has been seen by many as essential to building up attendance and fan support for MLS. So far every team that has built its own stadium has not only seen its game attendance rise, but also has helped MLS to come closer to the ultimate goal of breaking even financially. The Los Angeles Galaxy were the first team to make a profit, and other MLS teams are sure to follow eventually. MLS announced its first non-US team may be based out of a brand new, public and privately funded, provincially approved soccer-specific stadium in Toronto. The stadium will be owned by the City of Toronto and will be operated by the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. The new stadium would hold approximately 20,000-25,000 fans, and cost roughly 80 million Canadian. This team would be one of two potential expansion teams to join the league in the 2007 season, with MLS receiving bids from several other major cities for league franchises. There is no doubt that the U.S. will get into the business of soccer. Believe it or not, other than the U.S., when there is a soccer game going on anywhere in the world fans of other countries switch over to watch the games. Marcy

List of countries that play football?

Almost all do! You can look at the official FIFA world rankings. It states the number of national soccer teams and their ranking in the standings of all internationonal teams. I believe that there are more than 200 on the list, and you can view the rankings for club teams on the website as well.

What other role players are needed to run a soccer team except the soccer players?

A soccer team is made up of many people besides the actual players. First of all a great team needs an outstanding coach who has experience with the game. Teams may also have trainers, managers, medical staff, nutrition specialists and so on. The team outside of the players expands with the level of play. Professional teams have more "team members" than recreational teams.

What four europeans countries have won soccer world cups?

Actually more than 4 European teams have won, they are : France, England, Italy, Spain and Germany (West)

Is soccer more famous than baseball?

Well in England and the whole of Europe it definitely is as we don't have any famous baseball teams. Although we do have a variation of baseball called 'Rounders'.

Why is Chelsea liked more than other soccer teams?

People like Chelsea as they have a lot of money, and buy all the top players. but they do score goals and win matches.

What has more injuries Australian football or soccer?

Australian Football has more injuries than soccer, its only because soccer is played internationally, there is alot more ways for a person to get hurt in Australian football than soccer

What sport is bigger soccer or NFL?

I believe soccer is bigger then the nfl soccer is the most widely played sport in the world, also watched more than any other sport. Every nation no matter how poor or how rich has soccer teams. NFL football is only played in North America.

Will a soccer ball with more air go further than a soccer ball with no air?

well yes a soccer ball with more air will go further than a soccer ball with no air

Is soccer more popular than soccer?


Is el Salvador the worst team in soccer?

no el salvador is better than alot teams

Is soccer more dangerous than other sports?

Soccer is more dangerous than certain sports, but not all other sports. Soccer is not more dangerous than American Football, Boxing, Kickboxing, or Wrestling.

How many soccer specific stadiums exist in the US?

More than just the ones in MLS. College soccer has some as well, for example Creighton University has a glorious SSS that any university would envy. More are under construction such as Real Salt Lake and Red Bull Park, with more being proposed and planned such as DC United's, or Chester Stadium.

What is the popular sport of Bolivia?

In terms of the favorite sports that Bolivians actually play, my guess is that "fútbol de salon" is more popular than regular soccer. "Fútbol de salon", also know as "fulbito" is a type of soccer normally played in basketball courts fitted with small goals. The ball is smaller than a regular soccer ball. Teams have five or six players.

How many players for soccer?

Only 11 players can play on the field at a time. Teams usually have many more than that for subbing. Youth league teams with players under the age of 8 usually have less players on the field due to a smaller field size.

Do more girls from ages 8-12 play soccer than boys?

girls play soccer more than boys do