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Q: Which ncaa division one school has won the most national championships in all college sports combined?
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Coach with Most national championships in college football?

Larry Kehres, of Mount Union College, Division III, with 9 national championships.

What college has the most combined national championships in all sports?


What division 1 college football team has won the most national championships?


What conference in NCAA Division 1 college football have the most national championships?


Who is won the most national championship in college football history?

Division 1 (BCS) Notre Dame 8 championships Division 1 AA (FCS) Georgia Southern 6 championships Division II North Dakota State 5 championships Division III Mount Union 10 championships

How many conference championships for Georgia football?

The Bulldogs have won two consensus NCAA Division 1-A college football National Championships and 12 Southeastern Conference championships.

Which team won the most lacrosse championships?

In college lacrosse, Johns Hopkins has won 44 national championships -- 35 of these were earned prior to the first NCAA Division I tournament in 1971.

What division 1 college has the most football championships?


Which college team has won the most national championships?

In college football Alabama has the most national championships with 13 while Notre Dame comes in second with 12. In College Hockey Bemidji State University has 13 national championships

Which coach has the most national championships in college football?

Larry Kehres, of Mount Union College, Division III, with 10 national championships.(If you meant Division I-FBS, the answer is Paul "Bear" Bryant, no matter how you slice it. So please don't clutter this answer with a bunch of also-rans who came CLOSE to having as many as Bryant. The Bear is the King.)

What is the NCAA record for most consecutive championships in one sport?

The NCAA record is 31 consecutive national championships, 1980 to 2010, in Men's Swimming & Diving, Division III, by Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio). This was the longest streak in any division in any sport in NCAA history.The NCAA record for most total championships in any one sport is the same - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming & Diving - 31 total NCAA national championships.

How many national championships has lsu won?

LSU has won 4 national championships, 1908,1958,2003, and 2007. They were the first college to win 2 BCS National Championships.

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