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Dwyane Wade

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Q: Which nba players don't have tattoos?
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What nba players have to cover up tattoos?

There are no rules in the NBA that says the player must cover up their tattoos unless it is offense. There are no players that have publicly said that they intentionally cover up tattoos.

Why do NBA players wear calf sleeves?

To hide their numerous ugly tattoos

In NBA live 10 can you put tattoos on your create-a-player how?

You can put tattoos on players in NBA Live 2005, so if you can't in the newest games, its a step in the wrong direction.

What is Kareem Abdul Jabbar NBA pension?

Nba players dont get pensions

The increasing numbers of tattoos on NBA and college players is terrible situation?

It is not a sad sight. Tattoos show how a person's personality or saves memories.

Why does nba players get paid more than nfl players?

They dont actually.

What percentage of NBA players have tattoos?

"Now, more than 70 percent of NBA players have tattoos, according to In the Paint: Tattoos of the NBA and the Stories Behind Them, by Andrew Gottlieb, published in 2003. The 112-page book shows pictures of tattoos from todays hottest NBA stars, and quotes players about why they chose the images they did. Even the players representations on video games like NBA LIVE 2005 are tatted out." Source:'s+Summer+Program+for+Recent+College+Graduates.+&view=print

Do NBA players get paid every month?

You dont say?

Do you have to cover tattoos in the NBA?

no not at all i would say at least 75 percent of the NBA has soem tattoos

When did tattoos become popular in the NBA?

Tattoos are very popular in the NBA. The tattoos starting becoming popular in the early 2000s and now just many of the team members have them.

How many players in the NBA are Felons?

NBA players with felonies

How many Harlem Globetrotter players went on to play in the NBA?

Their has been 2 players : Jamario Moon and I dont know who else.

Do basketball player have to go to college to play basketball?

NBA players dont have to ( like kobe)

What university has had the most players in the NBA?

The University of Kentucky has the most players that are in the NBA with 20 players. Duke University follows with 18 players in the NBA.

Do NFL players have to cover their tattoos?

No. NFL players can have as many tattoos as they want, and they do not have to cover them under any rules.

Who pays the NBA players?


What kind of education do NBA players need?

NBA players do not need an education. If they are good, they will make the NBA. Thus, many NBA players do not have a college education.

What state produces the most NBA players?

Florida, California, and Texas produce a lot of good NBA players, but I'm not for sure what state produces the MOST NBA players. duke has the most nba players in the nba now.

What basketball players have won an NBA championship and NCAA national championship?

ha gotcha i dont know

How many players do uconn currently have in NBA?

they have 10 players currently in nba

How many NBA players are polish?

There are 8 polish basketball players in the NBA

What are the headphones the NBA players wear?

The NBA players wear Beats by Dr.Dre

How many NBA players are Irish?

exactly 3 Irish players in the nba

Do you see sam and dean get the tattoos?

no you dont see them get the tattoos :)

Why doesnt the National Basketball Association do something about the players and their tattoos?

Because they are free men, who are allowed to tattoo themselves. They are not owned by the NBA. They have personal rights and liberties.