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The only one I know is Janko Tipsaervic.

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Q: Which males tennis players wear glasses while playing?
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Are there any tennis players biracial or African American males?

Yes one biracial African-american tennis player is James Blake who is half white half black. A plain African-American tennis male is Donald Young.

How much water should males have each day?

about 8 glasses a day.

In the Tennis grand slams whos final the womens or the males plays first?

The women play their final first and the men play their final the following day.

Disadvantages of being a girl and playing sport?

The disadvantages of playing sports as a girl are being stereotyped for one. Also you risk being considered inferior to the males.

What do the players call a referee in rugby?

Males call their referee SIR and females call their referee MAM. It considered respectful in both cases.

What is the education of field hockey players?

Field hockey is played by males and females of all ages, so their education is as varied as that of any community.

Should woman sport players be paid the same as males sport players and why?

woman sport players should be paid the same as male ones because it is equal and we do not live in the 1800's anymore,duh. anyway and because if not it its sexiest and agasint the human rights law and people will be hung by th neck if they do not pay them the same as male players. also they wont get any mcdonalds

Do professional female tennis players use same ball as males?

No, at least according to a short article found on page 37 of the 9/10/12 New Yorker. Can this be true? Could the New Yorkers' fact-checker be wrong? The article discusses becoming a ball-person at the US Open in some detail. What's the difference? Read the article - is sounds like telling the difference is like sexing chickens...

What do women rugby players call the referee?

Males are called either, referee, ref of most frequently sir. Females are called either ref, referee, or marm

What is a good sports job?

It depends on your gender. For females: tennis, female hockey, skiing, soccer, golf, etc. For males: hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, football, etc.

How did fiddler crabs get their name?

The fiddler got its name because the males move their big claws like they're playing the fiddle.

Did males play field hockey?

Yes, males do play field hockey. It is mostly common in European countries, but there are many prominent male field hockey players in the U.S. and Canada, as well as many Asian and Pacific countries, including China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand

What did the Greeks play?

well, Greeks did invent the olympic games so you can count that as playing. (Only males played though)

Is there any rule to prevent girls from playing organized middle years baseball?

No. Both males and females are allowed to play at any age.

Why are males usually taller than girls?

We're built for height. females are lighter and smaller so height isn't a playing factor.

When did a girls basketball separate from the boys basketball?

males and females playing basketballbasketball was separated by the sex when it first came out. Basketball was never aloud to be played by both males and females together.

Which group gained voting rights in the 1820s and 1830s?

White males - apex

Who's penis is bigger black males or white males?

Statistically black males and white males have the same average length. However black males have a larger average girth than white males.

Which gender of reindeer have antlers?

Typically the males.Typically the males.Typically the males.Typically the males.Typically the males.Typically the males.

Why can males playing basketball have long hair n not have to put it up like females with long hair who play basketball?

Because it will make females trip

Why does my male parakeet pull on my female parakeet's tail?

Maybe because they are just playing. Or if the tail is in the males face, then he'll pull on it. My female does the exact same thing

What do you think the future of feminism should look like For what issues should it fight?

I think feminism will need to drop its militant misandry factions. The push back from males has already begun. For example, there is no way that best of three sets is equal work to best of five sets in the major tennis tournaments. Yet the females, led by BJ King, are now earning the same pay (award money) as the males in those tournaments.

What state has produced the most division 1 college basketball players?

Maryland is number one, producing 58 players per 100,000 college-age males, followed by Louisiana (52 per 100,000), Delaware (47), Tennessee (46), and Georgia (44)

What are the odds of any individual playing a professional sport?

The report is discussed in Andrew W. Miracle Jr. and C. Roger Rees's 1994 book Lessons of the Locker Room. They say the report shows that for all sports, only 4 of every 100,000 white males, 2 of every 100,000 black males, and 3 of every million Hispanic males achieve professional status.

Who are the top 7 males in tennis?

1: Roger Federer 2: used to be nadal now Novak Djokovic 3: Rafael Nadal 4: Andy Murray 5: Juan-Martin Del Potro 6: Andy Roddick 7: Nikolay Davydenko