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Michael Phelps has won 33 medals in the World Championships for his sport, Swimming.

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Q: Which male athlete has won the most medals at world championships?
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Who are the Caribbean athletes that won six or more medals at the world championships both male and female?

Marlene Ottey

What male athlete won the most medals in the Beijing Olympics?

Michael Phelps is this man. He won 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics.

Who do you think is the best male athlete?

Most will say, especially after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, that Michael Phelps is the best male athlete. He won 8 gold medals; an Olympic record.

What athlete has the most olympic medals?

Prior to the start of the 2012 games, the most total medals won by a single athlete is 18 by Soviet gymnast Larisa Latyninawho competed in 1956, 1960, and 1964.The most held by a male athlete is 16 by Michael Phelpsof the US, who has 14 gold and 2 bronze. The 14 gold (2004 and 2008) are also the most by any Olympic athlete. 10 of his medals are in individual events and 6 in team competition.The male athlete with the most individual medals is Soviet gymnast Nicolai Andrianov with 12 medals, including 6 gold, between 1972 and 1980.

Who has the most olympic gold medals?

Michael Phelps of the US has the most olympic gold medals (14 total in 2004 and 2008) and the most medals by a male athlete (16 including his 2 bronze medals).

Who was first male athlete to win gold medals in 200 and 400 meters in same Olympics?

Michael Johnson (USA).

What is the most number of medals ever won by an Olympic athlete?

Larissa Latynina (USSR) has won the most number of medals in the Olympic Games with an incredible tally of 18 medals (9 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze).Micheal Phelps (USA) has won the most medals by a male athlete with 16 (14 gold and 2 silver) and he has won the most Olympic Gold Medals with 14.

The youngest ever male world swimming champion is who?

When he was 15 Ian Thorpe won the 400 meter freestyle at the world championships. This made him the youngest male swimming world champion ever.

What country has the most Male World Cup championships?

Brazil with 5

What event labels a man as the best male athlete in the world?


Who is the fastest gender on the planet a male athlete or a female athlete?

A male athlete. Usain Bolt. 9.58m in the 100m.

Which Athlete has the most medals?

Taking all international athletes into consideration, the one with the most Olympic medals overall is a Russian-Ukranian, Larissa Latynina. A former Soviet gymnast, she won more Olympic medals than anyone in history, male or female, in any sport. She won 18 medals; nine gold medals, five silver and four bronze.