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Sammy Sosa was traded three times during his career: 1) Traded by the Texas Rangers to the Chicago White Sox in 1989.

2) Traded by the White Sox to the Chicago Cubs in 1992.

3) Traded by the Cubs to the Baltimore Orioles in 2005.

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Q: Which major league baseball team traded Sammy Sosa?
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Who drafted Sammy Sosa into the Major League Baseball?

Sammy Sosa debuted in Major League Baseball (MLB) on June 16, 1989 after being drafted by the Texas Rangers.

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Sammy Sosa is famous for playing baseball. He was a famous right fielder who played with 4 major league teams.

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Sammy Sosa was a famous Major League Baseball player a few years ago. I think he is retired now.

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Sammy Sosa was signed by the Texas Ranger as an amateur free agent in 1985, and made his Major League debut on June 16, 1989.

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