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Q: Which major league baseball franchise is number 3 in total wins?
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Who holds the most loses in franchise history in major league baseball?


Was there ever a major league baseball franchise named the Deep Blues?

No, never.

What major league baseball franchise has won the most total games in a playing season?


Who has the most valuable sports franchise in the US?

New York Yankees of major league baseball

Which Major League Baseball franchise was the first to have a female owner?

there hasent been one yet

Who was the first Hispanic owner of a major league baseball franchise?

Artie Moreno, owner of the anehiem angels. He is the first hispanic majority owner of any major sport franchise.

What state do the Cleveland Indians play in?

The Indians are a major league baseball franchise in Cleveland, in the state of Ohio.

What is an example of a variable cost in a major league baseball franchise?

Ticket takers salaries

Who was the first native American Major League Baseball player?

first Native American to compete in Major League Baseball was Louis Sockalexis who played from 1897-1899 with a Cleveland franchise then using the title the"Spiders".

When did Cleveland Indians first participate in Major League Baseball?

1901. The Indians franchise is a charter member of the American League and was known in 1901 as the Blues.

What is the phone number of the Museum-Major League Baseball in Saint Paul Nebraska?

The phone number of the Museum-Major League Baseball is: 308-754-5558.

What is the luckiest number in Major League Baseball?

# 9