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Many Golf tournaments are held in April, but the most famous tournament is the Masters, held in Augusta, Georgia. The four "major" golf tournaments are the Open, the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship.

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Q: Which major golf championship is played in April?
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What major golf championship is played in April?

The Masters.

What is the oldest golf tournament in the world?

The oldest major golf championship is The Open Championship which was first played on the 17th October 1860, and is the only major championship played outside of the USA.

What four major tournment are played in golf?

The Masters, US Open, The Open and USPGA Championship.

Where will the 2013 US Golf Open Championship be played?

The 2013 United States Golf Open Championship will be played at the East Course of the Merion Golf Club. The golf club is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

What is the last major of the year in PGA golf?


Which international golf player won the Augusta masters golf championship on 14 April 2013?

Adam Scott

What Happened to t c chin in a major golf championship?

the double hit

Did Vijay Singh win a major golf championship?

Where is the HSBC Golf Championship played?

The HSBC Golf Championship is a European golf tour that takes place in the United Arab Emirates. More specifically, in Abu Dhabi in the Abu Dhabi Gold Club.

What are the 4 majors in golf?

The four majors (for men's golf) are: The Masters, which is run by Augusta National Golf Club, and played in April The US Open, which is run by the USGA and is played in June The Open Championship (often called the British Open in the US), which is run by the R&A and played in July, and The PGA, which is run by the PGA and played in August. Note that the PGA is the old PGA, the one that is now basically the association of club pros and teachers, not the PGA Tour, which is the touring professional players. There's no authoritative committee that decides what's a major. These are the championships that have established a sufficient reputation to stand out from the rest. Things that go into major status are strength of field, prize money, qualification for subsequent events, and public recognition. Players don't stay home from majors unless they have to. Nobody misses the British Open to rest up for the Quad Cities, er, John Deere. The PGA Tour would very much like to run its own major championship, and often hints that the Player's Championship (now in May) should be considered a major. If it were, there would be a major-a-month from April to August, which is probably too many.

What does WGC stand for in the WGC CA golf championship?

World Golf Championship. There are currently four WGC events, and in terms of importance they would come directly below the four major championships.

Who played on Auburn Golf team in 1997?

2013 PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner played on the 1997 Auburn Men's Golf team.