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The Claret Jug, officially known as the Golf Champion Trophy, is presented to the winner of The Open Championship along with the Gold Medal. The winner is announced as the "Champion Golfer of the Year".

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The British Open.

~that would be incorrect. It's actually referred to the Open Championship~

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The Open Championship or British Open Championship. One of golf's 4 major championships.

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The Claret Jug is the trophy won at the British Open.

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Q: Which major championship in golf does the claret jug refer to?
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What golf comp called claret jug?

The Open Championship.

What major golf championship is played in April?

The Masters.

What is the Claret Jug also known as?

The Claret jug is historically known as a nickname for the trophy presented to the winner of the British open part of the 4 major tournaments the actual name is The Golf Champion Trophy.

What is the last major of the year in PGA golf?


What is the oldest golf tournament in the world?

The oldest major golf championship is The Open Championship which was first played on the 17th October 1860, and is the only major championship played outside of the USA.

Which major golf championship is played in April?

Many golf tournaments are held in April, but the most famous tournament is the Masters, held in Augusta, Georgia. The four "major" golf tournaments are the Open, the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship.

What Happened to t c chin in a major golf championship?

the double hit

Did Vijay Singh win a major golf championship?

What does WGC stand for in the WGC CA golf championship?

World Golf Championship. There are currently four WGC events, and in terms of importance they would come directly below the four major championships.

Who won the 2010 major golf chamionships?

The winners of the 2010 Major championships are;Master's Tournament- Phil MickelsonU.S Open Championship- Graeme McDowellThe Open Championship- Louis OosthuizenPGA Championship- Martin Kaymer

What major golf tournaments has Davis Love lll won?

The 1997 US PGA Championship.

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.