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Definitely toned legs.

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2012-04-18 17:22:28
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Q: Which legs are sexier slim legs or slim toned legs?
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What is the best way to slim down legs?

go on a bike ride or ride a stationary bike in the'll get toned legs quicker than if you just ran.

What is a good workout routine to get slim and toned?

p90x or insanity

Does roller-blading make your thighs or legs bigger?

It makes your legs toned

How can one have beautiful legs?

The secret to beautiful legs is keeping them in shape by exercising frequently. Then the legs will stay slim and toned. Frequent applications of lotion will keep the skin smooth. One must also be careful to avoid cuts and scrapes from shaving and outdoor activities.

Does vibro shape work?

yes!! I bought it about 3 months ago and now I'm slim and toned.

How many legs does a llama have?

Llamas have four legs.

Who has better abs Jessica Alba or Justin Timberlake?

Jessica Alba has toned abs. Justin timberlake has ripped abs. Ripped abs are stronger than toned abs. So Justin Timberlake's abs are stronger, sexier, and look better than jessica Alba's abs.

How do you make your legs look sexier?

shave them or just dont look at them, people dont care how ur legs look present urself the way u feel

Will running for 30 mins slim your legs down and make my legs bulky?

Running everyday will make your leags, specially quadriceps muscles stronger. Depending on your current size, it may make your legs slim, bulky or lean. If you have fat yours will be slim or lean. You are slim, your fat will be bulky. It all actually depends on your gene.

If your legs have gotten too bulky by doing weight machines how do you slim them down without losing that toned look?

Try using a lighter amount of weights, and increase the amount of reps. Doing too heavy of a lift, with less lifts, can increase bulkiness.

If i go on a treadmill everyday for 20 minutes will my legs get skinny or muscular?

fat you would lose any excess fat, your legs would be toned.

Do guys like muscular legs on teenage girls?

Negative I disagree. A nice pair of toned legs showing muscle definition can be very attractive.

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