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Its when you get the ball and you can move around in basically like a circle but one foot has to be at one spot the whole time, try watching Kevin Garnett play a game or a YouTube video for a perfect physical example, or Tim Duncan.

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The leg which supports. To clarify: When kicking, the leg you're standing on, the non-kicking leg, is your pivot leg.

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Pivoting is a technique in Basketball where a player holding the basketball keeps one foot stationary while moving the other foot, it is often used to avoid traveling

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Q: Which leg is pivot leg in basketball?
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When can you pivot in basketball?

you can pivot anytime you want as long as one leg is on the ground (no switching to other leg)

How do you spell pivot like in basketball?

That is the correct spelling of "pivot" in basketball (to turn the body about on one foot).

What sport do you use your pivot joints?


What is a pivot foot n basketball?

the foot that stays on the ground

Who is the lakers basketball team pivot man?

Andrew Bynum

Is picking up your pivot foot a violation in basketball?


When do you establish a pivot foot in basketball?

If you get the ball or stop your dribble and pick up or move one foot, the foot that stays still is your pivot foot. If you were to pick up your pivot foot it is a walk.

What is a sentence for pivots?

The basketball player had to pivot with the ball to keep it away from the opponent.

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