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The American League uses a designated hitter.

Some exceptions:

If an American League team plays at a National League Park (Yankees play at Shea Stadium or the new Citi Field against the Mets) then the American League team can't use a Designated Hitter.

If a National League team plays at an American League Park (Mets play at Yankees Stadium) then the National League team is allowed to use a designated hitter.

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Q: Which league uses a designated hitter?
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What is the diffrance in American league and national league in baseball?

The American League uses the Designated hitter, and the pitcher does not bat as in the National League.

What are the similarities between the American league and the national league?

The rules are practically the same. The only difference is that the AL uses uses a Designated Hitter, and the NL doesn't.

Why is there a Designated Hitter the American league?

there is a designated hitter in the American league because the pitchers don't bat so they take there spots

Designated hitter in National League?

national league does not have the DH.

Can you have a designated hitter in the national league championship series?

No. The National League only has a designated hitter if the NL team is playing an inter-league game in an AL park.

Why does the national and American league have different rules?

The only difference in the rules is that the AL uses the designated hitter, and the NL doesn't.

In what league does the pitcher bat in?

The National League. The American League has a designated hitter.

Is there a designated hitter in mlb?

yes, in the American League

In which league is there a designated hitter for the pitcher in MLB?

American League since 1973

Is there a designated hitter in inter league games?

Only if the home team is from the American League.

Is a designated hitter used in intraseasonal play?

if its in a American league stadium yes national league no

Could Jackie Robinson the first black to pplay in major league baseball have watched a game having a designated hitter?

your mom is a designated hitter(:

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