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Gravity, friction, air resistance, centrifugal force, may be more.

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Q: Which kind of force do you use to kick a ball?
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What are some examples of sports that use force?

Badminton - Force required to hit the shuttlecock Tennis - Force required to hit the ball Football - Force required to kick the ball Rugby - Force required to throw/kick the ball

What are some tips to kick the ball far in mat ball?

Lean back, point your left toe, if you are a righty, to where you want to kick the ball, and use your laces to kick the ball.

Can you score a drop kick from a kick off in rugby?

No you are not allowed to attempt a drop goal off a kick off in rugby- even if the ball does manage to go through no pints will be awarded.

How to kick a goal kick farther?

use very hard force,

How do you kick a soccer ball properly?

to kick a soccer ball properly do not use ur toe! kick either with ur laces or with the inside side of ur foot.

Muscle use to kick a ball?


What do the soccer players use to kick the ball?

They use soccer cleats.

How to shoot pool kicking?

You choose where your going to kick the ball, then kick the ball with your laces and whatever foot you use to kick the ball with you swing the opposite arm for balance. (You also always have to be confident.) And another thing is that before you kick the ball you look at where your going to kick it and then while your kicking it you always have your eye on the ball! - All of this is for penalties not in a game situation BUT you can use some of these tactics. I really hope this is helpful :)

How can you kick a ball?

Use one of your feet, they're attached to the legs

Uses of math in sports?

Even without thinking about it you use math every second of the day. Even in Sports, for example in soccer you have to kick the ball at a certain angle to make the ball go to your team-mate and not the opponents. And you also have to use enough force when kicking the ball for it to reach your team-mate.

How do you control the speed of your bowling ball?

Use more or less force than you usually do, more force, faster ball, less force, slower ball.

Can you kick the tennis ball over the net?

Yes you can kick a touchdown. By kicking an onside kick recover it and return it for a touchdown.