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Why Hockey??
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Q: Which is the odd one out a Hockey b Exercise c Tennis d Football?
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What are sport words that begain with the letter o?

· oche (darts) · odd man rush (hockey) · off-road racing · off-tackle run (football) · official · offside (football, hockey) · one-two combo (boxing) · onside kick (football) · open frame (bowling) · open stance (tennis) · option offense (football) · orthodox stance (boxing) · out (baseball, tennis) · out-of-bounds (golf) · outfield (baseball) · outside linebacker (football) · overhead (tennis) · overtime (hockey) · overwrap (tennis)

How do you use the word odd in a sentence?

His latest production was an odd film that no one understood. Soccer, basketball, baseball, and football all use an odd number of players, but hockey has six. The desert valley was only visited by archaeologists, climatologists, and the odd tourist or two.

What are athletic words beginning with o?

Open stance, overhead, out and overwrap are tennis terms. Odd man rush, offside and overtime are hockey terms. Oche is a darts term.

Which is the odd one out badminton basketball exercise soccer?


Which is the odd one out of exercise soccer badminton basketball?


Which is the odd one out tennis cricket table tennis or la cross?

La Crosse!

When do you change ends on a tennis court?

when the number of games are odd

Which French tennis player in the 90's had a odd shape racket?

Ray Guy

What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?

Badminton the rest use balls

Do you change sides after a tie breaker in tennis?

You would change sides because the score becomes odd after a tiebreak.

What sports are played with an odd number of periods other than baseball and hockey?

Hockey is played with an even number of players on the ice. Center, Left wing, right wing, Left Defense, Right Defense, Goalie = 6 Basketball is played with and odd number of people and so is Golf

How often does cheerleaders get tackled by football players?

occasionally a cheerleader gets the odd bash

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