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Badminton the rest use balls

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Q: What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?
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Which is the odd one out badminton basketball exercise soccer?


Which is the odd one out of exercise soccer badminton basketball?


How do you use the word odd in a sentence?

His latest production was an odd film that no one understood. Soccer, basketball, baseball, and football all use an odd number of players, but hockey has six. The desert valley was only visited by archaeologists, climatologists, and the odd tourist or two.

Which is the odd one out a Hockey b Exercise c Tennis d Football?


Where do you serve from in singles if you have scored an odd number of points in badminton?

odd scores,you must serve on the left service box diagonally going to the left court of your opponent.

Is Pat is good at soccer as he is a natural athlete a grammatically sound sentence?

I could not include the comma in between soccer and as for some odd reason

What are the odd of an English basketball player making the nba?

Well deng has done it but it isn't that likey

Is garter ball and pick up soccer the same thing?

NO gaeter bal is where you can eather tag run with the ball whin is different bc pick-up soccer you find odd playeds out of no where to play soccer

What age group does Nike target for basketball shoes?

Nike's basketball shoes target the age group of 10-25, usually you dont see people with Nike's after the age of 25, but theres the odd chance there is

When playing singles in badminton how do you know which side to start serving from?

If it is an even number, (which, in the beginning, it will be,) you serve from the right. If it is an odd number, you serve from the left. The same person keeps serving until they break their rally.

Will the sum of three odd numbers be even or odd?

odd. odd=odd odd+odd=even odd+odd+odd=odd it keeps alternating in that fashion

What side of the side do you serve from in badminton?

when it's your serve, you serve from the left if your score is odd and from the right if even. So it will start on the right and the first person to get the first point will then serve on the left because they have got one.

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