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As of now the Pune team owned by Sahara group is the most expensive team in IPL history. Valued at over Rupees 1700 crores it is the costliest IPL team. In second place is the Kochi team owned by Rendezvous sports valued at over Rupees 1500 crores.

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Q: Which is the most expensive team in ipl?
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Which IPL team is the most expensive team in 2008?


Which IPL team is the most expensive team in 2007?

Mumbai,Bangalore,Hyderabad are the most expensive teams.

Which IPL team is the most expensive team?

Pune - Owned by Sahara Group @ 1702 crores (Indian Rupees)

Who is most expensive player in ipl 2009?


Who was the winner of ist IPL tournament?

Rajasthan Royals. They are the weakest team & the least expensive team.

Who is the most costly team in ipl 2012?


Who was most expensive ipl cricket player?

Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff

Which team has won 4 IPL?

Mumbai Indians the baddest team in the ipl edition

Who is the owner of kochi ipl team?

Rendezvous sports is the owner of Kochi IPL team

How many team played in ipl thisyear?


Most expensive player in DLF IPL 2008?

Balaji.k.ssnce be eee 2nd yr

In ipl 2010 this team became the first team to play less than four overseas players in an ipl match in any ipl name the team?

Deccan chargers

Which IPL team did Shahid Afridi played with in IPL?


Is kkr a good ipl team in ipl 2010?


Who was the most expensive player in ipl 1?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - value was USD 1,500,000

Which team hit most number of sixes in IPL 2?

Mumbai indians

Which team conceded most number of extras in IPL-2009?

chennai super kings

Which team won the ipl in ipl season 3?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won IPL Season 3

In which team of IPL is in anil ambani?

Anil Ambani is not a part of the IPL. His brother Mukesh Ambani is the owner of the Mumbai Indians team.

Name the bowler who fetched the most bucks at the IPL auctions of 2008?

irfan pathan for punjab was most expensive bowler in 2008 auction

Which IPL team lost all its home matches in IPL 2008?

Deccan Chargers.....

Who was the captian of dlf ipl team KKR dlf ipl in 2009?

Brendon McCullum

Which team won ipl 1?

Rajasthan Royals won the inagural edition of IPL.

Which team won the IPL 2011?

Chennai super kings won IPL 2011.

What is fairplay award in IPL?

An award given to the team that played the series in the most fair way.