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the highest score is made by Gary kirsten scoring 188

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Q: Which is the highest innings in whole world cup?
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What is the highest run in world cup cricket in a single innings by Sachin Tendulkar?


Which team world cup innings highest score?

India made 413-5 against Bermuda in 2007 world cup

Who has taken highest wickets in whole world cup?

Glenn McGrath has taken the highest wickets in whole world cup,he take 71 wickets

Who was taken the highest wickets in cricket world cup at one innings?

M. Muralitharan of Sri Lanka

Cricket world cup highest team innings and team name?

India against Bermuda 413

What is the highest team innings in Cricket World Cup?

The highest score achieved by a single team at the Cricket World Cup was 413-5, achieved by India against Bermuda at the 2007 competition.

How many innings in cricket world cup?

There are 49 matches in cricket world cup.Hence there are 98 innings in world cup.

Which team had played the highest innings in cricket world cup?

india against bermuda scored 413-5

Which country scored the highest runs in an innings of ICC world cup cricket?

India against Bermuda they made 413

What is the highest innings score in one day world cup?

413/5- by India of 50 overs on the 19 march 2007.:)

Which team earned highest run in one innings in the world cup cricket 1975 to 2007?

India 413/5 against Bermuda.

Highest strike rate in an innings in twenty20 world cup?

The highest strike rate recorded by a person in an innings in twenty world cup was 414.28 by Dwayne Smith. He scored 29 runs of 7 balls. It was against Bangladesh in 2007 T20 world cup. The next best strike rate was by Yuvraj Singh in a match against England where he hit 58 runs in 16 balls with a strike rate of 362.5

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