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Q: Which is the big ground football or cricket?
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Which ground is big cricket ground or football ground?

Officially football ground should be about 100 to 110 meters in length and about 64 to 75 meter wide. And the radius of cricket ground should be minimum 130 meters from boundary to boundary squares the pitch. So, cricket ground is much bigger.

Is a football pitch bigger than a cricket pitch?

Yes football pitch is big than cricket pitch

What uses the Melbourne Cricket Ground?

football players and criket players

What is Australia's national football stadium?

MCG, or Melbourne Cricket Ground.

A cricket and a football are dropped simultaneously from the top of Qutub Minar what will be the outcome?

The football will hit the ground and probably stay there. The cricket ball will be caught before it hits the ground and used enthusiastically by the grateful kiddies.

Which game required biggest Play ground cricket or polo or football?


What is Australia national football stadium?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground A.K.A MCG

Cricket or football is your favorite?


What is the playing area for cricket?

Cricket is played in a cricket ground or cricket field (which is green and grassy somewhat like a football field), in the middle of which there is a pitch (ungrassed piece of land) where the batsmen bat.

Which is the best cricket or football?

Cricket is the best for ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ. Sorry football fans.

Which game requires largest ground is it polo cricket or football?

Polo is the largest area of any sport.

Which is the biggest cricket ground in the world?

The world's biggest cricket ground by capacity is the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a capacity of 100,018.

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