Which is the better Nerf gun the vulcan or the raider?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The Vulcan is more rapid, but it runs on six big batteries! That cost six bucks for only four! The Raider holds 35 darts and shoots as fast as you can pump it! The Vulcan holds 25 darts and if you hold down the trigger it shoots rapidly. Altogether the Raider CS-35 is better then the Vulcan EBF

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Q: Which is the better Nerf gun the vulcan or the raider?
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What Nerf gun is better the raider or the stampede?


Which is Nerf gun is better the vulcan or the raider?

I would definatly say because say both are pretty good but the raider would be a better choice because its plentiful amount of bullets would last longer.

Is the Nerf gun raider in target in brainerd?

IS nerf gun raider still in stores

Which is better Nerf n-strike raider rapid fire cs 35 blaster or Nerf n-strike vulcan ebf-25?

The vulcan uses belts and is faster to reload after your out of ammo but the raider holds more and can shoot as fast as you can pump it.(2-3 darts per second) The vulcan on the other hand shoots automatically and faster than the raider, usually. The vulcan is heavier (with batteries) costs more, and harder to lug around. The raider though is very lightweigh ,costs very little (for what your getting) and is easy to run around with. Overall, the vulcan is a better machine gun to defend a base(in a Nerf war) but the raider is a better rifle. the raider is better because it doesn't run out too quick and its easier to carry plus you could use the drum mag and shield your face from enemy fire. although if the vulcan had a longer belt than that would probably be better?

Where to get a Nerf Vulcan?

i have a nerf flame thrower gun

Can vulcan Nerf gun clips attach to others?

No, they only work with the Nerf Vulcan.

What is the heavyest Nerf gun?

the heaviest Nerf gun is the vulcan EBF 25.

What is the next Nerf gun?

the Nerf raider cs-35.

Can you attach a Nerf elimanator and a Nerf raider together?

No. The only nerf gun you can attach to a raider is the dart tag strikefire.

What was the most recent Nerf gun to come out?

i think it was the Nerf vulcan but im not sure Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 to be exact.

What is the greatest Nerf gun?

in my opinion the Nerf vulcan EBF-25

Which Nerf gun is better vulcan or stampede?

Well for my opinion i have to say that i think they are both cool.