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Dilawar Khan

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Q: Which is new name of ms dhoni after accepted Islam?
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What is the name of dhoni after accepted Islam?

Dilawar khan is the new name of Dhoni.

What is the new name of dhoni?

mohammad salman dhoni

What ms dhoni accept Islam?

Mahnder Singh Dhoni Accept Islam | Mahendra Singh Dhoni Converts to Islam | hands of former Pakistani Cricketer Saeed Anwar & famous Religious Anchor Junaid Jamshaid Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, could not have thought in his wildest dreams that his second marriage to "Aaisha Bi Singh Rawat" alias Sakshi Singh Rawat would come to haunt him one day. Mahendra Singh Dhoni had converted to Islam to marry Sakshi Singh Rawat as Hindus are not allowed second marriage. Their marriage was solemnised on 04 July 2010 in Lucknow near Babri Masjid in accordance with Islamic rites. He had married Sakshi while his first wife Deepika P was still alive. Had he paid her enough, the matter probably would not have come to light. dilawar khan is the new Islamic name of MS Dhoni

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Is the New Jersalem accepted by Catholics?

New Jerusalem, inasmuch as it is a Biblical name for a renewed earth following the Apocalypse, is accepted by Catholics.

Did MS Dhoni become a father on Jan 1 2013?

MS Dhoni become a father on New Year Day With A Daughter by Sakshi.

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it is in ranchi he has also got a new one in Bangalore

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Because they discovered it is the right thing to do. Mongols tried to invade the whole world, Europe was saved when they stopped their invasion to return to their capital to select a new Khan. Mongols faced Muslims i the battle of Ain Jalut in palestine where they suffered the first defeat in their history. Later some of their kings accepted Islam after comming in contact with it and understanding the great values it has.

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