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Rugby has now the higher injury rate per capitor due to the fact that more of the body is unguarded. When comparing many think only of the tackle area which does not provide accurate data. In rugby injuries are frequently seen from front row issues so neck, back and legs are effected. Hands and fingers are frequently damaged due to mauling the ball, skin damages is very high with 94% of players being caught with studs in rucks. Tackling in the American game does come from differing angles however with new rucking rules in place more players are seeing neck, spine and shoulder injuries when forwards enter through the back gate and will take out their own players to push the opposing tam off the ball. line outs have now started to see more leg, spinal and neck injuries than ever before due to complex calls and lifting being allowed - players are frequently being dropped through 6 feet plus when the supporting player looses grip. rush defenses have shown a 30% increase in shoulder damage due to head on hits made against the on coming players legs. In the same respect more knee dislocations have occurred due to the front head on tackle.

umm no. first off football has the highest injure rate. They are set up with layers of padding making the player feel safe and secure so players go all out and having U.S. football with the highest concussion rating. Also rugby actually teaches correct tackling technique to where you wont get hurt using the big meat in your body for contact with the ground when in American football it a lot on mindless pushing and hitting, ending up with there player having broken bones and head injuries. I will say both sports are very rough but rugby teaches technics in which we use our mind to avoid injurie. American football you basically just bubble wrap your team and hope for the best.

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Q: Which is more violent rugby or American football?
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