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In my opinion Maria is the hottest wwe diva!

And it's not an opinion it's a fact!

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โˆ™ 2009-11-23 16:47:03
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Q: Which is hotter maria Candice Michelle or mickie James?
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Which WWE divas are lesbian?

mickie James,Candice Michelle and Victoria :):):)

What WWE divas are Christians?

Michelle McCool , Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle and I think Mickie James.

Who is mickie James best friend?

Candice Michelle they formed the Nasy Girls together

Who hotter ashley massaro or mickie james?

Mickie James is hotter

Johncena is single?

No, He is dating Mickie James and Candice Michelle. Check couples!

Which one is hotter Candice Michelle or maria or mickie James?

for me Mickie is the hottest woman over the world and Candice is second, Maria is a bit boring coz she has small boobs... Maria is my 10th fav from WWE divas and i heard that Mickie is the diva with the current biggest natural boobs in WWE that makes me love her more ^^ HOTTEST EVER WOMAN (and Candice SECOND HOTTEST EVER WOMAN)

Do you like Mickie James from Raw or Michelle from Smackdown?

Mickie James. People hate Michelle McCool.

What WWE diva had a sex tape?

Candice Michelle, Melina, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Mickie James ,Lita ,Kelly Kelly

List of womens champions from 2005-2009?

Trish Stratus / 2005 Mickie James / 2006 Lita / 2006 Trish Sratus / 2006 Lita / 2006 Mickie James / 2006 Melina / 2007 Mickie James / 2007 Melina / 2007 Candice Michelle / 2007 Beth Pheonix / 2007 Mickie James / 2008 Beth Pheonix / 2008 Melina / 2009 Michelle McCool / 2009

What WWE divas wear thongs?

Mickie james, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Melina, and Beth phoenix, and pretty much all of them

Who has john cena kissed that is a WWE diva?

Maria Mickie James Kelly Kelly Candice Michelle Trish Status Melina Lita Vicki Gurreo

Who are Torrie Wilson's Diva friends?

trish stratus,lillian garcia,stacy keibler,victoria,mickie james,kelly kelly,candice michelle,and maria

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