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Cricket ball because they require a larger wider paddle to hit them so i am pretty sure it is a cricket ball

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Q: Which is heavier baseball or cricket ball?
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Is an egg heavier than a cricket ball?


What is the hardness of a baseball and a cricket ball?

cricket ball

Why is the two piece cricket ball cheaper than the four piece cricket ball?

it is because of the fact that two piece ball is heavier than four piece ball.

What can be used instead of a cricket ball to play cricket?

a tennis ball, a baseball, a golf ball, a monkey skull

What is heavier a lacrosse ball or baseball?

A lacrosse ball is very different from a baseball. It is heavier and more bouncy. A baseball is light and stings when you get hit, a lacrosse ball is more of a thud since it is heavier. A lacrosse ball is not harder than a baseball, but it does hurt more when you get hit by one.

What sports use a ball and a bat?

do you mean an actual animal bat or a bat as in bat and ball i hope its not the animal otherwise it would be animal abuse lol you could use a bat in cricket, tennis, batminton, baseball, croquet, table tennis and more

Which ball bounce more tennis ball baseball cricket ball or rubber ball?

It's tennis ball.

What is heavier between a cricket ball and a cannon ball?

A cricket ball weighs between 156 and 163 grams or about six or seven ounces. Most cannonballs weigh several pounds. Some cannon fire 20 to 30 pound balls.

Is baseball the only sport you play with a ball and a bat?

Cricket for one

What games are played with a bat and no ball?

One game played with a bat and no ball is Piñata.Games played with a bat and ball include baseball and cricket.

What is the best ball sport in the world?

Basketball, Cricket, baseball, Rugby... (You have to agree with me! )

What is the name of British bat and ball game?