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barcelona yeah yeah come on they are going to win do you why they are the best football team in the world and they have one of the best football player in the world if do not know who is lionel messi yeah this is best of best and all this his all together 60 goal beat that.

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Q: Which is going to win the UEFA champions league is?
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Who will win the UEFA Champions League?

Barca Manchester

Who will win the uefa champions league of 2011?


Who will win UEFA Champions league 2013?

Real madrid going to carmenoy title tenth

Which year did the English club first win the UEFA champions league?

Manchester United was the first English team to win the UEFA Champions League. They achieved this feat in the season 1967-68.

When did Manchester united win their second uefa champions league title?

It was in 1968.

Who Win UEFA Champions League Final 2011 Prediction?

The winner will be Barcelona.

Who's going to win UEFA Champions?

Manchester United of course!

How many times have galatasaray won the champions league?

They have never won the Champions' League. However they did win a UEFA Cup in 2000.

When did Arsenal last win the Uefa Champions league?

arsenal have never won this competition

How many times did ac milan win uefa champions league titles?


How much money can the champion win in uefa champions league?

60 million euros.

Who Will Win UEFA Champions League Final 2011?

The winner will be Barcelona , their passing is very good.

HOW many times did ac Milan win uefa champions league?

AC Milan won the UEFA Champions league seven times: in the 1962, 1968, 1988, 1989, 1993, 2002, and 2006 season.

Chelsea has won how many UEFA Champions League titles as of 2007?

Chelsea have failed to win a champion league in their history.

Who is goingto win the champions league 2010?

inter milan is going to wi the champions league

Who do you think will win this years 2011 UEFA champions league finals?

It will be Barcelona as they have a very strong team.

Who is going to win the champions league tonight?


How many times did olympique de marseille win the champions league?

Olimpique De Marseille have won the UEFA Champions League only once. They won it in 1993.

Why is Chelsea football club so popular?

because they are the only London club to win the UEFA Champions League.

Who is the only player to win an fa cup winners medal league cup winners medal champions league winners medal uefa cup winners medal and the premier league?

Paulo Ferreira, who won the Uefa Cup and Champions League with FC Porto and the other trophies with Chelsea.

Did any team knocked out of the Champions league ever go on to win the uefa cup in the same season?

shaktar donetsk

Won the last version of the UEFA Champions league trophy?

It was Inter Milan of Italy, their first win since 1965.

Can Barcelona win the champions league?

NO Because Manchester united are the worlds strongest team they also deserve winning the never lost a match in UEFA Champions League only 1 tie

Who do you think is going to win the Champions League in 2009?

I think it will be Barcelona.

Who win the champions league in 2000?

Real Madrid won the Champions League in 2000. It was their 8th Champions League win.