Which is better svr 11 or FIFA 11?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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fifa all the way

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Q: Which is better svr 11 or FIFA 11?
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Which is better FIFA 11 or FIFA 12?


What is better svr 11 of svr 10?

SvR 2011 because it has more realistic gameplay than SvR 2010..I rate 6.2 for SvR 2010 and 7.1 for SvR 2011

What is better FIFA 10 or pes 10?

fifa 10 is better than pes 10 but fifa 11 is horrible.

Is FIFA 11 better than FIFA 12?

Big Yes

Which game is better FIFA 11 or Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

smackdown vs raw 2011 is better then fifa 11

Is FIFA 11 Wii or Shaun White skateboarding Wii better?

i think shaun white skateboarding wii is better than fifa 11

Which is better PES 2011 or FIFA 11?

PES has better graphics, online, and so much better game play! If you play FIFA 11 for the past 2 weeks and you are already bored. Everybody should get PES 11. FIFA is not very good though.

Can Intel g41 run FIFA 11?

Yes it can run FIFA 11 but its better to keep the graphics setting lower

What is the difference between FIFA 10 and FIFA 11?

a lot. Fifa 11 has much better graphics, and it has an arena mode as well. You can also play as a keeper.

What is better FIFA 11 or FIFA12?

Well each year Fifa do their best to improve the game. So Fifa 12 will surely be more improved and better.

Which is better fifa 11 on the wii or on the ps2?

Wii definetly

Is Fifa 11 better on Xbox 360 or PS3?