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Which is better, perpendicular or parallel bat rolling, will depend on the type of bat you are rolling. If you are rolling an aluminum bat parallel bat rolling is better.

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Q: Which is better perpendicular or parallel bat rolling?
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How do you select a softball bat?

www.prorollers.netWhat is "bat rolling"? Bat rolling is a proven process using a machine with special nylon rollers to apply pressure to a softball or baseball bat. It breaks the composite fibers and resin type glues that different manufacturers use; to let the composite fibers expand and work in a trampoline effect, projecting the ball further and faster than a metal type bat.Bat rolling was started in the " Composite Bat Era " late 1999 to early 2000. It really expanded after 2002 through out the world. Bat rolling is not illegal. The bat eventually breaks in by its own: rolling a bat simply speeds the "breaking in process". Players in softball or baseball choose to do this to get the most out of the bat, right out of the wrapper, before the player out grows the bat or the bat is simply worn out.Why you need us: We roll bats with the #1 machine in the industry, the Panther XR-400. If you are interested in rolling bats professionally, this is the machine we suggest and is the EXACT machine we use to roll every bat, composite, metal, softball and baseball, it is available for sale in our webstore. Everyone knows that composite bats need to be broken in to unleash the bats full potential. Our rolling service adds 30-50 ft to your distance. Line drives also get through the infield that much quicker resulting in a higher batting average. We are also the ONLY bat rolling company to offer a "Bat Breakage Guarantee" in writing right on our home page. Please check out our "Guarantee" page further for details. For more informatin about our company be sure to read our "About Us"page. Also you can sign up to be a member of if you wish. Members can request to have pics of their bat in our rollers or a video of the rolling service we provide. A membership is not required to purchase our services but it is FREE. Plus, we do send out 25% discount promotions 3-4 times throughout the year to our members. We do not post names or any identifying info next to your bat in our gallery.What we offer:Bat Rolling ServicesPre-Rolled BatsBat Rolling Machineshttp://ProRollers.netWhat makes us different: The XR-400, by Panther Machines is the best, most efficient and safest machine to roll your bats with. The proper bat rolling technique requires rolling the bat perpendicular first, followed by a controlled parallel roll. There are companies out there that will only roll your bat perpendicular, the problem with this technique is that perpendicular rolling does not roll the entire bat evenly. This is where the controlled parallel rolling comes in. The bat needs to be rolled parallel to ensure that the fibers are stretched evenly across the entire barrel leaving no dead spots. Dead spots on the barrel can shorten the lifespan of your bats and lead to cracks. There are others out there who will only roll your bat in the parallel method. The problem with this is that when you roll the entire bat at once, and do not roll it perpendicular first, it does not stretch the fibers correctly which can put stress on the barrel. This is what makes us different from any other bat rolling company. We roll the entire sweet spot of the bat perpendicular first, stretching the fibers correctly, followed by a controlled parallel roll, making sure to hit every inch of the sweet spot. We do each section of the bat with 25 revolutions between the rollers on 4 increasing compression settings, ensuring the bat is COMPLETELY broken in. Others who only roll bats in one direction, meaning either parallel or perpendicular, are not doing a complete job for you and your bat will suffer in the long run. Trust your bats to the company that proved to all that rolling bats both perpendicular and parallel is the best method.

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I need the drawing on how to build a bat rolling machine and material type

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Try I've had great luck with them

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