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Di because that mean Divison 1 and Dii is Division 2 and so on

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Q: Which is better di dii or diii in aau basketball?
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Can you transfer from DIII to DII without sitting out?


What kind of college do you need to go to to play basketball for your career?

I would say a college that provides Division I basketball. Now just because you're in DI basketball does not mean you will automatically get picked in the draft. And DI basketball is almost pro, you have to be good to make the team, otherwise you may have to go to DII or DIII. You may can still make it if you're in DII or DIII.

What is a fun party DII or DIII lacrosse school?


How many Missouri football teams are in the NCAA?


What are some fun DII or DIII schools that have a lacrosse program?

Salisbury has an awesome team as well as a club team. Just do some research

How far do discus throwers throw in community colleges?

for girls: DIII anything over 130' or so you will place. idk about DII, and DI over 140"ish will place. hope this helps!

What is the most basketball hoops made in a row?

Ben Coffman made 11 field goals in a row in one game at the nation's leading DII basketball power, Kentucky Wesleyan in Owensboro, KY...

How do you write 502 as a Roman numeral?

500 + 1 + 1 = DII

Why is there no longer any division two college hockey?

Per WikiPedia's article on college hockey, the Div II championship was discontinued in 1999 due to a lack of participating schools. Most DII hockey programs had moved up to DI, with others moving down to DIII.

How Many NAIA schools are there?

There are roughly 300 members throughout the US, Canada and the Bahamas. The typical member is between 3000-6000 students. The association has experienced growth in recent years due to growing enrollments at private institutions causing the addition and development of intercollegiate athletic programs. The association blends the positive characteristics of both NCAA DIII and DII. Like NCAA DII, members award scholarships. And like NCAA DIII the members are smaller, student focused and have superior academic achievement. But unlike the NCAA, the NAIA is focused on Character development. Which is headlined by the Champions of Character initiative started in the early 2000s.

What is the full form of FII and DII?

FII is "Foreign Institutional Investments" & DII is "Domestic Institutional Investments"

How many division I men's basketball teams does the state of Ohio have?

Ohio has around 11 DI colleges, 1 DII college, and an NAIA DI college.

Translate how are you in Thai?

How are you = sabai dii mai (are you fine?) The response could be = sabai dii (i am fine) or "chan sabai dii, kop kun maak" = I'm fine, thank you very much

What is CCLI times 2?


What is the roman numeral for dii?

'dii' is NOT a Roman numeral . It should be written as ' DII' ; Note the use of capital letters. DII = 502 I = 1 V = 5 X = 10 L = 50 C = 100 D = 500 M = 1000 Roman numerals are always written with the largest value to the left followed by the lesser values. So 2022 ( the year) is MMXXII

What is 'gods' in Latin?


How do you say love you in Crow?

Dii Awajashiik

How do you write 502 as roman numerals?


What is 502 in roman numerals?

502 = DII

What is Roman Numeral 502?

It is: 502 = DII

What is the full form of DII?

DII is Domestic Institutional Investors. In a country like India, we can say the DII's include LIC, UTI, GIC etc, who invest their money in securities market and own a certain percentage of that company's share..

How do you say kid in greek?


What is half of DII in roman numerals?

CCLI = 251

How do you spell shondee in Japanese?

ションディー /shon dii/.

How do you write 502 in roman numerals?

It is: 502 = DII