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stolen wrap is better

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โˆ™ 2011-08-13 12:27:17
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Q: Which is a better bike wethepeople reason or the stolen wrap?
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Which is better a verde bike or a stolen bike?

stolen is one of the best out there

Are wethepeople a good bmx bike?

Wethepeople bmx bikes are excellent, probably the best

What is better KHE Babados or WeThePeople Reason?

i think that wethepeople reason is most probably best because the frame is lighter and it has a gyro which means you can spin your bars without the wires crossing but the khe barbados is a really good bike because the frame is light it has a good build to it which makes it strong

How do you find out if a bike you bought is a stolen bike?

I you consult that bike to the nearest police station and you will find out that your bike is stolen or not.

is it stolen ?

is the dirt bike stolen

How much is the wethepeople justice bmx bike?

go on to this website called wiggle the bmx is on a sale 4 £260


is this bike stolen?

Which bike is better the Sunday funday ex or the stolen sinner?

The Sunday funday ex is better because it has a liftime warrenty free

Is you the people the second best bike in the world?

Firstly, it's WeThePeople, not 'you the people'. My mate has a WTP but I have a Subrosa so in my opinion it is :P

Is the you the people crisis a good bike?

Don't you mean WeThePeople Crisis? Yeah it's okay but i would recommend the Versus or Zodiac more.

Is the 2011 stolen casino a good bike?

The 2011 Stolen Casio is a great Bike, it's perfect for the park and for street bmx.

What were Muhammad Ali's challenges?

his bike was stolen

When did Lance Armstrong get his bike stolen?

1987 is When

How likely is it for a stolen bike to be found?

not likeley

Is stolen stereo a good bike?

its alright

Is the Stolen Cheater FC Bike 2010 a good bike?

sick bike. best bike for the money if you like street and park

What is the most high end BMX bike company out there?

The best BMX Brands that mass produce thier bikes are probobly WeThePeople and Sunday Bikes. There are, however many companies out there that make even better BMXes but they are not very well known.

How do you get back a stolen bike chain?

Well, if you get anything stolen from you, contact the police. If it is just a bike chain, I think you can just buy another one, unless it was a very valued bike chain.

How do I know if my dirt bike is stolen?

It is missing from where you last had it.

Is the stolen riot bike dirt or street?


What should you write on your bike?

Something to identify it as youre bike would be good, like name and phone number. But even better is if you note the bike's frame number. If the bike gets stolen and found somewhere it'll make it easy to verify that it's yours.

What is a sentence with moot in it?

After his bike was stolen, the cost of the impending bike race became a moot point.

Did Muhmmad Ali steal a bike at 12?

No he did not, but he got his bike stolen at 12 years of age.

What are three sentences for the word bike?

His bike was stolen last night.There is a bike race in the park next week.She wants a pink bike for Christmas.

What is better a phone or a bike?