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Q: Which international tennis tournament is being played in grass?
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What is the oldest soccer tournament?

the oldest tennis tournament still being ran is wimbledon.

How much Prize money Kevin Anderson will get for being runner up in US Open Tennis Tournament?

About $1.83 million dollars.

If the sport is love-15 what sport is being played?


If the score is love 15 what sport is being played?

It is a tennis score, meaning that the server has no points

When did tennis start being played in Ireland?

late 1800's

What is the major sport in China that is being played?

Most likely badminton or table-tennis.

What is the timing for a double elimination pool tournament?

There is no timing associated with a pool tournament. How long a pool game lasts depends upon the types of games being played and the skill of the players.

Who is the youngest Indian archer to participate in the world archery senior championships?

Jayalakshmi sarikonda is the youngest Indian archer ever who played world championships and many other international tournament in senior category being a junior still. Hats off to her.

What is the difference between competition and tournament?

normally a tournament is over a week/weekend and a winner is found either through round robin or knockout. A competition normally lasts a while and each team plays each other. A competition is like sunday tennis or something like that

What is the coldest temperature to store a tennis ball?

Although there is no preset or manufacture recommended temperature at which tennis balls may be stored, they should be stored at room temperatures of between 65 and 75 degrees, with 68 being the ideal, as that is the temperature mandated for testing tennis balls by the International Tennis Federation (the ruling body for tennis; refer to the ITF link, below).

What sporting event is held at Wimbledon each year?

The Champions, Wimbledon. It is the world's oldest tennis tournament having being held in Wimbledon since 1877. It runs for two weeks in June/July each year.

Can a tennis player touches the net without intention?

Whether you touch the net with intention or not it results in a loss of the point being played.