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i like backstrom

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Q: Which hockey stick curve is better backstrom or Kane?
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Why is there a curve on a field hockey stick?

it is a better shooting design so you can shoot faster and have better accuracy.

What hockey stick curve best matches a fedorov curve?

easton's zetterburg

What is the lie in a hockey stick?

the curve from the shaft to the tip of the blade

Is a x 60 hockey stick better than a se16 hockey stick?

the se16 is better then the se16

Does Sidney Crosby use a straight hockey stick?

No, it has a very slight curve to it.

What is the difference in hockey stick curves?

The bigger the curve, the easier it is to raise the puck. With a smaller curve, you have to use more power to raise it (but not much more). With smaller curves, you have better puck control, and a better backhand. Usually center's have smaller curves because they have to use there backhand more, and wingers have bigger curves.

What hockey player was credited with putting more curve in the blade of a hockey stick knows as the banana blade?

Ed Shack

How do you curve a wooden hockey stick?

you take a blow torch heat your blade up then jam your stick under a door and lift the stick to the type of curve you would like and let cool and enjoy

Is a Base hockey stick better than a rgular hockey stick?

YES THEY ARE. Best custom sticks on the market!

How are hockey sticks made to shoot?

Well my opinion is that when hockey sticks were first made they pulled a curve onto the stick and now if you want to do a wrist shot or a slapshot all you have to do is curve your hand and shoot.

What is the best hockey stick to have?

There is no "best" hockey stick. The quality of the stick is determined by you, the consumer. For example, Player A prefers the Warrior Dolomite stick because it is light weight. However, Player B prefers the Easton Synergy because of the curve on the blade.

What Bauer hockey stick curve is most like Iginla?

If you are using a iginla curve, you may find the forsberg or zetterberg (both real similar) similar. I did use an ignila curve for as long as i know (haha) but then i used my brothers forsberg curve and found i liked it better. Also i have heard rumors about the forsberg curve being renamed to zetterburg.