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Marthin Luther King

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Q: Which hockey player holds the record for most points scored in his career?
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Which NBA player holds the career record for most points scored in overtime?

50 points

What player holds the Kansas State women's record for most career points in the NCAA Tournament?

Kendra Wecker had 159 NCAA Tournament career points

This Wisconsin player holds the record for most points during his career with 2217?

Alando Tucker

Most goals scored by an individual in hockey?

The player with the most goals in hockey is Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky holds a record of 894 career goals and 122 playoffs career goals for a total of 1016 goals.

What player holds the kansas state women's record for the most career points in the NCAA tournament?

Kendra Wecker, 159 points

Which NBA player holds the record for the most 40 points games in a career?

271 by Wilt Chamberlain

Most poinst ever in NBA?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar owns the record for the most points in a career. He holds the record with 38,387 points in his career.

What Duke basketball player has most career points?

In the NBA the record for most career point is by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38387 points in 1560 games during 1969-1989.

28 years ago today what hockey player known as The Great One ended his NHL season with a record 212 points?

Wayne Gretzky

For what is Teemu Selanne best known?

Teemu Selanne, once voted Finland's sexiest man, is best known for his long record breaking career as a professional ice-hockey player. Selanne holds the all-time points record at the Winter Olympic Games where he has represented Finland 5 times. Due to his skill and speed on the ice, Selanne is known as 'The Finnish Flash'. He is currently the oldest player in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Who holds the record for career points in basket ball?

Wilt Chamberlain

Who holds the Alabama record for most points in a career?

Leigh Tiffin