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In Georgia, Dalton High School is on a steak of consecutive winning seasons which began in 1960 . . . 51 years and counting. The records can be verified at

In Texas, Plano High School holds the all-time record of 36 years from 1960-1995. Currently, Converse Judson High School holds the longest active streak at 35 years from 1977-2011. In 2013, Judson will likely surpass Plano for the all-time Texas high school record.

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The Moose Lake Willow River (MN) Rebels are currently on a 44 game regular season win streak.

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valdosta high school wildcats.

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top 100 high school football programs

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Q: Which high school football team has the most consecutive winning seasons?
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What are top ten winning streaks in high school football?

Longest winning streak is 64 games starting in the 1966 season at Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, IL

Longest all time high school football winning streak?

151 consecutive wins northern California high school, De La Salle

What is the longest high school football winning streak in Illinois?

64 consecutive wins by the Pittsfield Saukees between 1966 and 1973.

What team holds the record for most consecutive losing seasons in Division I college football?

The all-time record for most consecutive losing seasons is held by Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. PVAMU, a Division I-AA (FCS) school, compiled 31 consecutive losing seasons from 1976-2006. From 1989-1998, the Panthers lost an NCAA record (all divisions) 80-straight games, nearly doubling second-place Columbia's 44 consecutive losses. The Panthers finally achieved a winning 7-3 record in 2007 before going 9-1 in 2008, and again going 9-1 as well as winning the SWAC championship in 2009. Oregon State University ran up 28 consecutive losing seasons from 1971-1998 to earn the NCAA Division I-A (FBS) record for consecutive losing seasons. During that time the Beavers compiled a 65-238-6 record.

What team holds the record of the longest consecutive winning treaak?

Ateneo de Manila high school track and field team of the Philippines holds the longest consecutive winning streak, from 1979 to 1998

Who holds the record for consecutive losses in high school football in California?


What high school football team has one the most consecutive state titles?

Washinghton high school. In Sioux falls, SD

Who has the longest winning streak BOYS high school baseball?

Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH, won 89 consecutive games from 2008-2012.

Who is the winning-est high school football team in California?

Long Beach Poly

Who has the longest winning streak of all time in Wisconsin high school football?


What was Ansonia High School of Connecticut's longest football winning streak?

thirty three

What is the record for consecutive regular season victories by an Ohio high school football team?

57 wynford