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Washinghton high school. In Sioux falls, SD

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Q: What high school football team has one the most consecutive state titles?
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What state has 4 consecutive college football national titles?


Which high school has the most state titles?

Bloomsburg, PA has the most state titles with 23 consecutive state titles in a row. led by Matt tombasco

What high school has won the most consecutive state championships in football nationwide?

Shattuck oklahoma has won from 2004-2010 at 96 consecutive games of football won

Has anyone ever won state national and super bowl football titles?

Mike Doss. back to back high school state titles. National champs with Ohio State, and Super Bowl with the Colts.

What state has 3 consecutive college football national titles?

The State of Alabama. 2009 Alabama, 2010 Auburn, 2011 Alabama.

High school with most state titles in football?

Although many claim Cleveland Saint Ignatius has won the most.

What school has the most state titles in Texas?

Brownwood High School. They hold 7 state titles.

What high school football team holds the most state titles?

De La Salle High School (Concord, California). This high school didn't lose a game from 1992 to 2005.

How many championships does Ohio State U have in football?

Ohio State has 5 solo championships and 2 shared championships that the school considers titles, so they have 7 total.

Which high school football team has won more games than any other?

Valdosta High School Valdosta, Georgia 608 wins 134 losses and 9 ties 24 state titles 34 region titles 6 national titles

How many titles do Ohio State have in collage football?

The University has seven titles recognized by the NCAA.

Whose better Michigan football or penn state football?

That is an opinion, but I think Penn State has more national titles.

What state had two consecutive national championships in college football?


How many state football titles did stearns high school win?

They have won 17 state championships. Some were in class B, some in class C. For some reason, I think they were in class A maybe 25-30 years ago and they may have won titles back then.

How many football tiltes has the southlake dragons won in football?

36 state titles since 1975

Which School holds the record for most consecutive top 5 finishes in College Football?

Florida state I believe 13 or 14 back in 80's and 90's

How many national titles have Ohio state won in football?


Most ncaa football 10 consecutive win streaks?

Penn State

What Florida high school football team has the most consecutive wins?

Cocoa High School. Small 2A school in Cocoa Florida with 35 straight wins as of 11/19/2010. Tigers are back to back state champs going for a 3peat.

What high school courses can get you into football?

Well it's sum school in Indiana I think with like 35!!But I know where I stay,The Valdosta High Wildcats have 23 state(29 appearances),6 National Titles,41 conference titles,almost 900 overall wins and is the all-Time winningest high school football program in the U.S.!!!!!!And not to mention,the conference their in was ranked by USA Today numerous times as the toughest conference in the nation!!!

How many state titles does the haynesville golden tornado football team have?


How many SWAC football titles have Grambling State University won?


What schools have won 3 consecutive football national championships?

Appalachian State University

What two different college football from the same state have consecutive championships?

Alabama and auburn

Who won the most big ten titles in football?

Michigan has a total of 42 shared or outright titles, followed by Ohio State with 33.