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Racehorse. Greyhounds reach speeds of 45 miles an hour. Horses reach speeds of up to 60 miles an hour.

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Q: Which has top speed greyhound or race horse?
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What is a greyhound dog's top speed in a race?

A greyhound can achieve speeds of a bit over 45 mph for a limited time.

What is top speed of a thoroughbred race horse?

45 - 6o mph

How fast can horse reach top speed?

race horses can reach 30mph+

What is the top speed a greyhound dog?

The top speed recorded of a greyhound dog was taken in Australia March 3rd 2004. "Cheetah" , the amazing greyhound was clocked at a top speed of 84 MPH (wind assisted).

Who would win in a race between a greyhound and cheetah?

The cheetah, at least in a fairly short race. A greyhound's top speed is between 35 and 40 mph, while the big cat can hit speeds in excess of 60 mph.

Which is faster the greyhound or the Italian greyhound?

The answer to which is faster, a Greyhound or an Italian Greyhound, that the Greyhound would win that race--due hitting its stride at about 40mph, and the Italian Greyhound hitting a top speed of 25mph.Some sites state that the IG--Italian Greyhound can do 45mph (72.4kph, or 20m/s), and that the Greyhound reaches 40mph. [I found these numbers on Wikipedia, under 'Greyhound' and 'Italian Greyhound'--I believe that somebody has "padded" the top speed for the Iggy]Doing further research, the numbers are that a Greyhound runs at 37 - 45 mph (16.5m/s or 59.5kph). I also find that the top speed of an Italian Greyhound is 25mph (40.2kph, or 11.2m/s)My Italian Greyhound can do 100 yards from a standing start at an average speed of 31 mph, so the 25 mph is definitely not right. More than likely their average top speed would be 28-35 mph, depending on size...

Is a greyhound the second fastest land animal?

The greyhound is the fastest dog - with a top speed around 46 mph, but there are several mammals faster than it. Of course the cheetah is considered the fastest - with a top speed around 68 mph (and as much as 75 mph for very short distances), but it can only sustain it's high speed for a short time so at longer distances a greyhound could actually catch up and pass one in a hypothetical race. Other animals that are faster than a greyhound include: Hare - top speed ~50 mph Blackbuck antelope - top speed ~50 mph Lion - top speed ~50 mph Wildebeest - top speed ~50 mph Springbok antelope - top speed ~55 mph Pronghorn - top speed ~55 mph Ostrich - top speed ~60 mph

How fast do Italian greyhound dogs run?

At top speed, an Italian greyhound can run up to 40 kph.

Top speed of a horse in a moment of time?

A Horse Can Reach It's Top Speed At 45 miles An Hour, How Cool Is That?!

What is top speed of a horse mph?

A horse can reach up to about 43 to 44 miles per hour at top speed.

What is the speed of a Horse and carriage?

The speed would be that of the horse that pulls it, at top speed about 30-35 miles per hour.

What is top speed of riderless horse?

It depends on the horse but up to 55mph

Can a giraffe run faster than a horse?

No, a giraffe can not run faster than a horse. A giraffe has a top speed of 32 mph while a horse has a top speed of 54 mph.

What is the top speed of a wild horse?


What is the average top speed of a American quarter horse?

An American Quarter horse that is bred to race will be able to sprint at speeds of 40 to 55 MPH over a distance of 440 yards (A quarter mile).

What is the name of a top horse race beginning with c?


How shall you read the horse race card in India?

bottom to top

What is top speed and horse power for a 1999 polaris indy xcr 700?

105-110 mph

How fast is the horse running the KY derby?

A horse has has a top speed of about 45-50 mph

What is the average fasted quarter horse speed?

I believe that the fastest an average quarter horse can run is about thirty to forty mph at top speed.

What is the top speed of a horse?

around 25 to 38 mph !

Horse top speed?

actually a horses top speed is 40mph which makes it the 4th fastest animal on land

Meaning of topspeed to racing post?

TOP SPEED is a speed rating of a horse for its previous races.

What is the Chaparral 2J race car's top speed?

243 mph

For how long can a horse run at top speed?

A horse can sprint for about a minute or so, before it needs to stop.

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