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I have found the ECCO Golf Ace Hydromax to be durable.

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Q: Which golf shoes are the most durable?
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Which brand of golf clubs is most durable?

Anything that is made with steel is the most durable golf club. So many are made with steel that labeling one as the most durable would be wrong.

Which is the most durable brand of kids' tennis shoes?

According to my research the most durable brand of kids' tennis shoes is Tsukihoshi Kids.

What type of golf ball is durable and less expensive?

Any distance golf ball should be more durable and less expensive then most other types of golf balls. They are made with two layers and are hallow in the center which makes them less expensive and yet durable.

What kids' shoes are the most durable?

Any quality brand will definitely be much more durable than cheaper brands.

What is the most durable brand of kids' shoes?

The Nike velcro children's line is very durable, and only moderately expensive.

What are Celine Dion interest?

She loves shoes, Golf, cooking but most of all spending time with her family.

What is the most recommended golf bag in terms of endurance?

Callaway brand bags are some of the most durable available.

Are golf shoes any different?

golf shoes are usually flat

Can you buy plugs to wear your golf shoes as casual shoes?

No golf shoes are to be worn for only golf. I'd invest in a pair of regular tennis shoes as well

What are some of the most popular brands of golf shoes for women?

Some of the most popular brands of golf shoes for women include FootJoy, Nike Golf, Adidas, ECCO and Puma. They are available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes.

What is the most common color for golf shoes?

White, then black, then brown.

What is the best place to purchase kids' golf shoes?

The following retailers sell kids' golf shoes: Dick's Sporting Goods, GolfDiscount, SportsDirect, Budget Golf, and Golf Shoes Plus. The best place would have to be Dick's Sporting Goods, since they are the most popular store.

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