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Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods

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Q: Which golf player's mother was born in Thailand?
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Which golf players' mother is from Thailand?

tiger woods

Which golf player's mother is from Thailand?

the most famous golfer whos mother is from Thailand is tiger woods. however, there are other golfers who were born in Thailand, like thongchai jaidee

Who is the golf player mother is from Thailand?

Tiger woods

Name of golf players with their county?

Name of golf players with their county?

What is golf buggy used for?

Golf buggy is a vehicle which is used to transport golf players and their equipments across the golf terrain.

How many players in the US Open golf tourney?


Who makes more money golf or basketball players?

basketball players

How many U.S golf players?


Difference between mens golf clubs and junior clubs?

The difference between the men's golf clubs and junior golf clubs is the age bracket that the golf clubs are used by players. Junior golf clubs are used by young players typically aged from 7 to 16 years old while men's golf clubs are used by adult players from 18 years old and above. These golf clubs come in different sizes and material to fit players properly.

Why are there numbers on a golf ball?

Numbers on a golf ball are there to help players identify their golf ball. As many players play the same brand the number will let them know if the ball is theirs or not.

Are golf drivers rare?

no they aren't. Every single golf players has to have a driver to play the first shot in golf

What is net golf?

Net golf is the use of a players handicap when adding up the score.

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