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Basketball is a game that has ten players on the court with five players being on either team. In organized basketball, teams will have more than five players but only five players on that team can be on the court at one time.

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Q: Which game is played with 5 players on either side?
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Which game is played with five players on either side?


How many players are there in the sport kho kho?

Kho Kho, is a sport that is played in Bangladesh and is taken part by twelve players either side, but only nine players either side take part in the game of play.

Which game is played with five players on each side?


How is the game of pingpong played?

It can be played with two players or four players. The players rally the ball from side to side, the game is up to 11 points usually best 3 matches out of 5, also if it is tied at 10-10 then the player who gets a two point lead wins that match.

How many players are on a court at a volleyball game?

There are many different leagues for volleyball, for beach volleyball they usually have two players on each side of the court, but for outdoor volleyball they'll either have four or more players on each side, and for indoor volleyball they have six players on each side of the court.

What is a dead duck in sport?

a dead duckis either you are about to lose the game or one of your best players get hurt and have to sit to the side....

How many players are there in each side in the game soccer?

11 players

How many player in badminton?

A single game is played between two players with one player on each side, whereas the doubles game is played between two pairs with one pair on each side.

How many players are needed in a soccer game?

In common soccer each side has 11 players. 'Five a side soccer' used to be popular when i was young, but don't know if it's still played.

How many field players are there per side to start a soccer game?

There are 11 players on each side at the beginning of a game. This includes 10 outfield players and 1 goalie.

What do we call Tennis played with two players on each side?

Tennis played with two players on each side is called doubles tennis.

Volleyball is a game played by two teams made up of active players on each side?

yes, there are 6 people on each side of the court at a time

How many players are there in each side in the game volleyball?

6 players per team

How many players are there on a side in a volleyball game?

6 players are allowed on court per side in a volleyball game. However, you can have up to 6 other substitutions on the bench.

What do you do in the beginning of hockey?

five players from each team position on either side of the centre circle and a referee drops the puck in the middle starting the game

How many players are there in each side in the game football?


How many players are there in the Game Rugby?

15 a side for union. 13 a side for league.

How many players are there in each side in netball?

It depends either 5 or 7

What is the off side in cricket?

Off side is the right hand side of the right hand batsman and the left hand side of a left handed batsman. Or, it is the side which the batsman will be most comfortable playing shots. The other side is called the on side or the leg side. Runs can be made on either side and there are players who are strong in making runs in both sides are specialists in either side. For Ex. Saurav Ganguly the former Indian captain was considered one of the best off side players in the history of the game

How many players play on each side in basketball game?


What does the term 'The entire game is void' mean?

The game does not count towards either side's win-loss record. It's as if it hadn't been played at all.

If each side has 15 players what sport is being played?


What two pieces stand on either side of a king at the start of the cheese game?

At the start of a chess game, to the either side of the King would be the Bishop and the Queen

What sports have 4 players on each side?

a 4 on 4 game of basketball

When was is decided that there will be 15 players in a rugby side?

1872 when the formalisation of the game occured