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Mark Hughes, Gerard Pique,

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Q: Which four players played for both man you and barca?
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Which four players played for both man utd and barca?

I can give you Mark Hughes and Jordi Cruyff. Any one got the other two?

Who has played for Manchester United and Liverpool and Chealsa and Barcelona?

No player has played for all four teams. Bolo Zenden has played for Liverpool, Chelsea and Barca.

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jiye khaleel quereshi of golimar. he played for both Madrid and Chelsea

How many players have played in all top four English leagues?

Alan Cork and Dave Beasant both played for Wimbledon FC in all four divisions of the Football League pre the formation of the Premiership.

How many players who won the FA Cup with Wimbledon in 1988 have played for Chelsea since?

four players

How many players in englands 2006 world cup squad were also in the 1998 squad?

There were four players that played in both competitions. They are Michael Owen, David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville.

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Anelka, Ashley cole, veron

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Donovan McNabb Shannon Sharpe

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