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john eales of Australia wiith 190 some


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Q: Which forward has kicked the most points in international rugby?
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Which Irish rugby union player has kicked the most international points?

Ronan O'Gara

Does rugby have a wide receiver?

No, rugby doesn't have a wide receiver; that's more an American football term and in that game the ball can be thrown forward or kicked forward. In rugby (both codes), the ball can be kicked forward and passed laterally or behind the ball carrier only

What is Fiji's points in the International Rugby Sevens table?


Who has scored the most points in international rugby in the world?

Suprisingly it is a Canadian rugby player, Myles Cavendish

Who is leading try scorer for a forward in international rugby union?

Colin Charvis of Wales.

Who has scored the most test rugby points for the Irish rugby team?

Ronan O'Gara has the most points for Ireland. He has scored over 900 points which is the sixth highest in international rugby. He also is the highest points scorer in the history of the Six Nations.

Who is Wales highest rugby scorer?

Neil Jenkins with 1049 points. Consequently, he was also the first person to break the 1000 points marker in international rugby.

Who has scored the most points in international rugby in the world and how many points did he score?

aaron turner scored 700

Who are the Top international points scorers in rugby union?

Jonny Wilkinson

How many points are awarded for a try in a rugby match?

5 points for a try in rugby union, 4 points in rugby league.

Rugby tries4 points?

rugby league

When was International Rugby Board created?

International Rugby Board was created in 1886.

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