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phillip Neville

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Q: Which footballer won 7 English cup winners' medals as an unused substitute?
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Who was the footballer who won cup winners medals in England Northern Ireland and Scotland?

Martin O'Neill

Name the only English player to have 2 champions league winners medals?

Gary Neville!?

Who gets medals hockey?

the winners medals get

What do winners receive?

gold medals and silver and bronze medals

What do winners in the Olympics get?

the winners receive medals - gold silver or bronze

What prizes do winners receive?

gold medals and silver and bronze medals

When did they hand out medals to the winners?

after the end of the finals for an event, the will hand out the medals after calculating the score

What were winners presented with during the Olympics?

golden medals

What do the first six winners win in the Olympics?


What medals do 4th through 8th place winners receive in the Olympics?

The winners of 4th through 8th place in the Olympics do not receive any medals. Only the 1st through 3rd place winners get medals.

What kind of prizes do the Olympians get?

Winners of the Olympic games receive medals when they win an event. The first place winners always receive gold medals. The second place person or team will receive silver medals.

What did the winners of the 1900 Olympics in Paris win?

Most winners would get cups or trophies instead of medals.