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Dunfermline Athletic Football Club

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Q: Which football team plays at East End Park in Scotland?
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Which is the oldest football club in Scotland?

Queen's Park F.C. are oldest football club in Scotland, founded in 1867.

What is Scotland's national football stadium?

Hampden Park

Oldest football club in Scotland?

Queen's Park

Where do Scotland play for international games?

The Scotland football team play at Hampden Park in Glasgow. The Scotland Rugby team play at Murrayfield Park in Edinbugh.

Who is the oldest football club in Scotland?

Queens' Park Rangers

Who is the tenant of Hampden Park?

The tenants of Hampden Park are Scotland national football team and Queen's Park F.C.

Who plays football goodison park?

Everton football club

What is Scotland football team ground?

Normally Hampden Park, Glasgow

Which ground do the Scotland football team play there home matches?

Hampden Park

Which team plays at Victoria park?

Ross County, Dingwall Scotland

Where is the Celtic Park football stadium located?

The Celtic Park football stadium is located in the city of Glasgow. More specifically it is on Kerrydale Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, Scotland. They are one of the biggest football teams in the UK.

What football team plays at goodison park?


Which northern Irish football team plays in shamrock park?

Portadown Football Club.

First all seater football stadium in Scotland?

The first in the UK and Scotland was Kilbowie Park in Clydebank in 1977 followed by Pittodrie in Aberdeen in 1978.

What football team plays at Gayfield park?

The present Gayfield Park is the home of Scottish football team Arbroath F.C.. It is the football stadium in Europe in closest proximity to the sea.

Which Scottish football team plays in ibrox park?


Which football team plays at goodison park?


Who plays at selhurst park?

Crystal Palace Football Club

Which football team plays at prenton park?

Tranmere Rovers

What is the capacity of the Hampden Park football stadium in Scotland?

Hampden Park Stadium, which not only serves as a football stadium, but as a National Stadium of Scotland. At one time it had a peak capacity of 150,000 people, but now, because of saftey concerns, has been down-sized and will accomodate 52, 063 people.

Which football club plays at Loftus Road?

Queen's Park Rangers (QPR)

Where do Scotland play their home football games?

Generally Scotland play home games at the National Stadium Hampden Park in Glasgow but occasionally play in other cities e.g. Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Which football team plays their home games at Rugby Park?

Rugby Park is the home of Kilmarnock F.C.

Who is the oldest Soccer Club in Scotland?

rangers Answer. The oldest football club in Scotland Was the Edinburgh Foot Ball Club founded in 1824, although God only knows who they played against. Queen's Park are the oldest club [founded 1867] still playing senior football in Scotland. Rangers were not founded until 1872 but nice try.

Is there a football team called Stenhousemuir?

Yes, Stenhousemuir FC play in the Scottish Football League at Ochilview Park, Stenhousemuir. They share a ground with East Stirlingshire FC.