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the balitmore ravens

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Q: Which football team is the all-star team?
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What is 1977 AL football roster?

the 1997 football allstar was luke fabrizius ( saftey)

Who are spirit explosion allstars?

An allstar cheerleading team.

How are members of a little league all-star team and the coach for that team chosen?

Different leagues have different methods for determining allstar teams and coaches. A very popular method for determining an allstar team is voting by the coaches and league commisioner. Usually but not always the coach of the team that won the league will be the coach of the allstar team.

Did isaac Murphy play any sports?

Yes he played football, position for offense is right tackle, defense fullback, reciving, and kickoff lineman team. he also played as defense end in punt. he is an allstar in football.

What is football cheerleading?

Football cheerleading is known as football season. It is when cheerleaders cheer during football games. <3 Yours truly, *ChEeRlEaDeR fOr SnOwLiNe AlLsTaR cHeEr*

When was AllStar created?

AllStar was created in 2001.

What are some sports for girls?

I like allstar cheer and just regular cheerleading and if ur not so girly then basketball or tennis mabey golf and u know girls play football too...............................and if ur and allstar cheerleader and there is some boys on ur team don't laugh cause their actually really good all of them are

Has any nba team ever won a championship without an all-star on their roster?

No NBA team has ever won without an AllStar

Does Hawaii have a football team?

No Hawaii does not have a professional football team. The only football team they have is a NCAA football team, which is the University of Hawaii

When did Hockey Allstar Shootout happen?

Hockey Allstar Shootout happened in 2008.

Does FIFA soccer 10 have world cup teams in it?

Yes it is called The AllStar Team, with Iker Casilass as captain.

What is the least amount of girls for a SMALL competitive cheer team?

The fewest people you can take on the floor for allstar is 5

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