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Unfortunately, information is not collected on the sexual orientation of fans of football teams.

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Q: Which football team has the largest amount of gay supporters?
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Which football club has the largest Pompey supporters club?

Pompey refers to Portsmouth FC and it is this team that has the largest Pompey supporters club. the club was bought by the Pompey Supporters Trust in 2013.

Do supporters cheer their team at a football game?


What football team has the most supporters?

Real Madrid C.F.

Which national football team has most supporters?

Washington Redskins

What football team has Must supporters worldwide?

phillipine azkals

Which football team has the most supporters across the world?


Which football team has the most supporters in the UK?

It is Manchester United.

What do Spanish football supporters say when the team they support scores a goal?


Which football team do the Grobari support?

Grobari, who are organized supporters of the Serbian football team called the Partizan Belgrade, avidly support their team. Their motto is "The others are cheered, but Partizan is loved.

Who is the biggest football team in the world?

i hopeing you mean soccer. if so, Manchester untied are said to have the largest amount of supporters in the world (only about 1% of them from Manchester, glory supporters, cough cough) so if you mean that by the biggest, then them. if you mean the most players, biggest stadium or the average of all that and more factors, well, i just don't know about that, sorry

Which Football Team Has The Most Players In There Squad?

The football team with the largest squad is either Real Madrid or Manchester United.

What team has the largest ground in the championship football league?


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