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Leicester City Football Club.

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Q: Which football team's nickname is the foxes?
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What is the nickname of the football team of Algeria?

They are known as 'The Desert Foxes'.

What football teams nickname is the silkmen?

Flint Town United Football Club

What football teams nickname is the black birds?


What football teams nickname is marine animals?

the Miami dolphins

What football teams nickname is the peacocks?

Leeds United FC

What is the South African football teams nickname?

bafana bafana

Baggies is what football teams nickname?

West Bromwich Albion

What is the nickname of the football team of Louisville?

The nickname of the football team of Louisville is "Cardinals". This is the name that is used for all the athletic teams for the University of Louisville. The nickname is sometimes shortened to "Cards".

What football teams have the following nickname baggies?

West Bromwich Albion.

How many ncaa div I and II football teams have a nickname of wildcats?


5 What is the nickname of the French national rugby and football teams?

Les Bleus

Which nfl football teams nickname is class of Boy Scouts?

i dont now

What was Ole Miss football teams nickname before called the Rebels?

Because they are rebels.Duh

Who are the foxes football?

Leicester City Football Club are known as "The Foxes"

How many football teams are there in world?

There are a Total of 1,904,834 Football Teams in the World ( Does not include Reserve or Youth or Girls Football Teams )

What is the nickname for the french football?

there is not a nickname for french football.

What is the nickname of the Columbia University football team?

The Columbia University football team is called the Lions. Sometimes they have been known as the Violets but the name they use when playing other teams is the Lions.

Is there more football teams or baseball teams?

There is more football teams than baseball teams, football has 32 and baseball has 30

What is the name of the DePauw University football team in Greencastle IN?

The nickname of DePauw University teams is the Tigers and their mascot is Tyler the Tiger.

Is the Alabama crimson tides a college football team?

The Crimson Tide (singular, never plural) is the nickname for all sports teams representing the University of Alabama, including in football.

What is are NFL football teams?

They are football teams that play for the National Football Leage

If you have two football teams in front of two football teams and two football teams behind two football teams and two football teams beside two football teams How many players do you have?

44 players. There would be 4 teams, with 11 players each. Team 1 and 2 would be in front of team 3 and 4 and so would be the two teams in front of two teams, and teams 3 and 4 would be behind teams 1 and 2 and so would be the two teams behind two teams.

What is the team nickname for Algeria?

Team nickname of Algeria is the fennec foxes and the desert warriors.

How many college football teams are there?

There are approximately 119 college football teams.

Who are Spurs?

Spurs is a nickname for the sporting teams ; San Antonio Spurs, Witbank Spurs F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.