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Christiano Ronaldo

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Q: Which football players have won the premiership the champions league and been relegated from the premiership?
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Which players have won the champions league the premiership the fa cup and been relegated from the premiership?

Dennis Irwin also kanu who was Irwin relegated with wolves?

What two players have won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup been relegated from premiership still plays in premiership?


Players that have won the premier league and the champions league and got relegated from the premier league?

Andy cole Dwight yorke AndersonNicky Butt and Nwankwo Kanu.Andy Cole won the Champions League and Premier League with Manchester United but was never relegated from the Premier League.Nwankwo Kanu won the Champions League with Ajax and The Premiership with Arsenal before he got relegated from the Premiership while he was at West Bromich Albion.Nicky Butt won a Champions League medal with Manchester United and he won the Premier League with Manchester United, He was relegated whilst playing with Newcastle United.carrick, butt, teddy, berg, Irwin, kanu, yorke, greening, cole

Who the best football players in the premiership?

The best football players in the premiership are countless.In my opinion there is messi,kaka,ronaldo,torres,roney,gerard.

What football players have won the English Premiership the Champions League and the European Championship?

Anelka Makelele cant think of any more, sorry scmeichel

Name the 4 players that have won the Premiership and also been relegated from the Premiership?

joe cole bryan robson Paulo Wanchope Alan shearer

How many Brazilian football players are there in the Premiership?


What10 players who have won the champions league but not the premiership and still playing in premiership?

hey are steven Gerrard,jammie carrigher,

What players have won the premiership champions league and league cup?

Paulo Ferrear of chelsea.

Players who have won la liga the champions league the fa cup and the premiership?

David Beckham

Who won the champions league and then got relegated?

In 1993, Marseille won the Champions League and got relegated at the end of the 1993-1994 league. This was however a penalty for bribing some players of Valenciennes the week before the Champions League rather than a regular relegation

Which 3 players have won premier league champions league fa cup and been relegated?

Kanu is one!

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